The lively Georgian town of Stourort on Severn set on the banks of the River Severn is the setting for an exciting range of family entertainment.

Funfairs, arcades and the tranquill scene of the riverside make this town a great tourist attraction for visitors all over the Midlands.

Almost nothing existed in Stourport until James Brindley built the Staffs & Worcester Canal in 1771.

After Birmingham, Stourport was then the busiest inland port in the Midlands.

The town grew rapidly and by 1783 brass an iron foundries, vinegar works, tan yards, spinning mills, carpet manufacturers, barge and boat building yards, wharves, warehouses, shops, houses and inns had sprung up.

By 1795 Stourport has two hundred houses and about 1,300 inhabitants. Piped water supplies were introduced in 1851 and the Stourport gas Companty was formed in 1865.

Today this lively town is an attractive inland resort full of historical interest.

Away from the riverside, visitors will discover many impressive Georgian buildings in and around the town centre as well as a good variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Here, every age is catered for - there is simply something for everyone and is well worth a visit.






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